Monday, January 21, 2008

Dearest Pain...

Dearest Pain,

I can't imagine
it was your intention
to hurt someone so deeply
that you had loved so dearly.

Someone to whom
you attributed your own
personal growth and happiness.

The catalyst for your healing.

I just can't imagine
you would deliberately wound
someone who has only shown you
love and devotion
and commitment.

Who stood by you
and supported you,
and helped you
recognize your dream.

I can't imagine
you would so callously take
from her all she held
so dear to her heart.

I cannot believe you would
do that to someone
who let you in
to their hearts and in
to their minds.

Who gave you her very soul,
and placed all that she is
in the palm of your hand.

I cant imagine you could just crush her...

But then again
you are Pain...


Be careful, my beloved Sisters.... You are worthy of total love and devotion. Never doubt that.

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