Friday, February 1, 2008

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No.. it's Super-Dom!!

I have found that we often expect more from those who claim to be Dominant Men or Masters. I think the assumption is that to make this claim means that they have committed to being more than what the average man can be...They have proclaimed that they can transcend what is the norm, and in doing so are worthy of our worship... and some are, most definitely.

However, this is not necessarily a given, and it's important to know this. In those moments together when a Dom and a sub are fully engaged and the energy is flowing, it is as if the phsysical laws just don't apply. And for that moment they don't. But the moment passes and reality resumes.

Submissive women are amazingly loyal, and have the ability to see the strength and good in their Masters and Doms, and sometimes it is hard for them to remember that they too are merely mortal men with feelings and issues and problems that they cannot always solve and fix. Submissive women will hand them the red boots and cape, but this does not really make them Supermen...

On the other hand...

Some Doms think that by their proclamation of being the Dominant of their species that they are indeed Supermen.. They think themselves able to do things that may just be beyond what they are capable of doing, and in this case, the submissive woman is usually hurt. Being dominant over someone who has acquiesced completely is an amazing feat. The time and attention it takes to care for a sub or slave in quite significant, and not always possible. I mean, women are very complicated and beautiful creatures, and men have been trying to figure us out for years!

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