Friday, February 22, 2008

TVCCM (Turning Vanilla into Chocolate Chip Mint) Task # 3

Seduction with a scarf....

Sexy salacious slave girls often dance for their Master's pleasure! There is nothing more beautiful than a woman swaying to the music as she seduces her very lucky man. All men love to see women dance, and all women possess grace and beauty.

If you don't have a scarf already, buy one on your next shopping trip. Choose a shear scarf long enough to wrap around your waist.

Set the mood.

Get a babysitter, light candles, play music, pour wine. Do all the things that will let him know that you want to please him, that he is so very special to you, that you want to be his. Take a luxurious bath, shave (everywhere!), do your hair and make up, don your sexiest panties and bra. Tie your scarf around your waist like the salacious slave girl you are! Feel the power of your beauty, and you are beautiful.

Place a chair in the room and lead him to it. Ask him to sit down and perhaps kneel at his feet for a moment and remove his shoes. Tell him how much you love and adore him and that you want to entertain him. Tell him that you are here for his pleasure.

Dance for him.

You don't have to be a great dancer or even know how to dance. It's all in the eyes. Lock onto his eyes with your and sway your body gracefully to the music. Use your scarf. Stare seductively as you untie it from around your waist. Sweep it over your head and through the air. Be playful and have fun, don't forget to smile warmly (and knowingly).

And when he cannot take your salacious teasing anymore and rises to take his girl, as he is hoisting you onto the bed whisper in his ear:

"How about tying your girl's wrists to the bed with her scarf?"

have fun


Pygar said...

Well ...

... it would work on me!!!!


Odoriko said...

Do you really think it's necessary to shave everywhere?

Dragonfly said...

Dearest Odoriko, lets ask the gang, shall we??

Anonymous said...

I'll try this one while my hubby's home on leave this year, but he's already gung ho on our relationship, this is just for fun! And... I have never danced for ANYONE ever before and am painfully shy, so he will go nuts. Thank you. Cleo