Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Real Thing...

Thank you for participating in the poll, and thank you, Cleo, for the mention on your blog.

It looks as if what we mostly seek real life D/s encounters on the web. I agree and read many sites written by folks living the lifestyle full time. (Thanks for sharing!)

Most of us at one point or another, need to put our kink aside and go forth into the vanilla world, whether it is to work, or food shop or attend a meeting at a child's school. In fact many of us express our kink in secrecy, hidden from our friends and family, and even our spouses.

I have had the pleasure of meeting in real life like kinky folk from the net. Some have been other writers of sites, and some have been avid readers. What fascinates me most about them when we meet is hearing about their vanilla lives. What they do for a living, where they live, about their children, that sort of thing. In fact, it seems we hardly talk about "kink" at all, and the conversation is quite typical of any random conversation one could have with someone during the day, yet I am utterly fascinated because I know......

I know what they do when they go home and leave their typical lives at the door and enter their private dungeons. I know that they spend their evenings either spanking or being spanked clad in leather while the children sleep. I have read blow by blow accounts of their most illustrious sexual encounters. I know what makes them cum and why and how many times.

It is also quite validating to know that there are others like myself out there.

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