Monday, May 11, 2009


When I was first "discovered" by a Master who was Gorean influenced, he had me write rules that I was to follow. He had given me general guidelines about what he wanted and then I was to craft 10 that embodied his wishes. This is what I wrote and followed during our time together:

1) i will never manipulate Master. i will not make a scene go the way i feel it should to fulfill my own desire or will. i will not undermine what my Master is seeking to accomplish and i will never push my ego ahead of his agenda.

3.) i will not let my fear overwhelm me and i will keep an open mind about trying things that i am not comfortable with and expanding my limits. i will have complete faith in what Master wants for me and i will continue to grow as a slave and as a human being.

4.) i will accept the responsibility of discovering what pleases my Master, and will always be mindful of his wishes and desires. i will always do my best to fulfill these, and to always be found pleasing. i will not question his position of authority.

5.) i will not allow myself to be harmed or abused, even by myself. i will communicate my fears, concerns and preferences at appropriate times and in a respectful manner and i will speak up quickly if i feel that genuine harm or distress could occur.

6.) i will be completely open and responsive to my Master. i will not try to hide what my mind and body are feeling so that he may realize full authority over me. i know that He is not a telepath, and i will not expect him to know thoughts or feelings. i will volunteer information and provide feedback without being prompted to do so. He expects me to share my heart and soul, therefore i will.

7.) i know that my actions reflect upon my Master, and will do my best to help others see him in a positive way. i will not intentionally embarrass or displease my Master and i will always act worthy of him. i will wear my title of slave with honor, and i will never cause others to think that being slave means to be weak or sub-human. i will take pride in who and what i am and will never show myself in a negative way. i will always carry myself in a way that would make Master proud.

8.) i will always be obedient to my Master. i realize he has my best interests at heart and often knows better than i what i need in a particular situation. i will not resist.

9.) When there is a doubt about an instruction or clarity is needed, i will ask. Master will determine whether or not to answer. i will never be punished for asking a question respectfully.

10.) i will always use my intelligence to fulfill Master's requirements. i will actively keep my mind sharp and continue learning. i will keep myself challenged intellectually by reading and other activities and i will hone my intuitive skills so that i may better serve Master's will. i will not become cognitively lazy and complacent.

I still live by these rules even though I am no longer with the Gorean Master as I believe them to be a healthy foundation for a slave.


cutesy pah said...

Rules 5 and 6 are so very important. It is vital that we take responsibility for ourselves, and sharing all our thoughts, questions, fears, doubt, happiness, and joy with our Owners.

thank you for posting these.

cutesy pah

Driver^ said...

I like this post, thank you.