Monday, November 17, 2008

Assume the Position! TVCCM Task #5

David Sharp from A View from the Top so very kindly sent me this task to try:

When he begins making love to you, reach your hands and arms above your head. Entwine your hands in the bars of the headboard, or tucked between the headboard and the mattress, or simply reach out to each corner of the bed and take a tight grip on the sheets. Keep your hands/arms in place through the entire session of intimacy. If questioned, simply say, take what you will, or I am fully open for you, or I offer no resistance, or a similar phrase that will convey your sense of surrender and submission

Thank you, David for the task! It is an excellent suggestion and quite inspiring.

Another position to consider when offering your sexual submissiveness to your lover is placing your arms behind your back as if they are cuffed or tied. This is most effective if you are on top or servicing him orally.

Being on your knees, offering him full access to you lovely body, attending to his pleasure are all things that show him you are yearning to be his slut, to be used at his will. Physically assuming these positions is a powerful message, and even if he doesn't fully pick up on the submissive vibe you are emitting, and take full control of his girl, these positions will help you achieve that subbie state of mind you crave and need.

Give it a try....

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photo by Paul Banner