Sunday, January 30, 2011


The more things change...The more they stay the same.

I hate cliches, especially when they are true. I hate actually fitting into a cliche because I'd like to think I'm so unique, but aren't we all?

The further we move away from each other, the stronger the pull. I suppose there is a lesson somewhere in there about the strength of attraction. I have never been without him, although we say we are no longer together. It's a joke, really. We both know how ridiculous it is to think we could ever truly be apart no matter how much we discuss our separation. I know what he is doing. He is giving me my space because he knows I need it. He always gives me what I need when I need it, before I even know I need it.

We orbit around the space of our lives, a couple of rogue planets, colliding abruptly then traversing fast away. Each push and pull directly effecting the other, a force as an uncontrollable and binding as the law of physics. It's the bond that transcends the rules of the day. The sign of one's true Master (as if there was ever any doubt). To him, I am forever bound.