Saturday, April 17, 2010

If you please...

 Stop by Jayne's and visit the lovely place she has created.


A Community Directory of Female Slaves, Submissive Women, Their Masters and Mistress's

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Friday, April 2, 2010

teach me...

What is it about teaching or being taught?
Giving direction or taking it?
Dominating and submitting?

Such powerful dynamics to explore and cherish.

In the past, I have found myself most often the student, the directee and the submissive, even the slave,  however, things are changing. I understand how to be a submissive.  I understand the endurance and strength it takes to become transparent, to let go of the ego's defenses, to bend to his will.

It seems, lately,  that I have become a teacher or mentor of sort, and I question my nature, as this is something new for me.  Perhaps it is my evolution, to move from one position to another, although I find myself most comfortable offering my knowledge and guidance from my place on the floor, kneeling at your reverence. But sometimes one has to rise to her feet and be the stabilizing force for her precious charge.

There is a great responsiblity when teaching. It's not about just providing facts or direction or guidance. It's about delving into another mind and listening not only to their quesitons, but to their desires and then deciding which stone to place next in their path. We all carry different baggage. Our views of the world may be similar, but they are seldom the same, so the one who is steering must ensure their heart and mind are pure.
I wonder if I can do this.