Saturday, April 30, 2011

A new Domme asks...

I recently received this comment from an "anxious new Domme."

I was a long time submissive and found it very rewarding but as satisfied as I felt and as happy as I was being a good slave...I felt like I needed something more. Several years ago a met an extremely submissive man and for years we have communicated electronically and he has begged me to dominate him. A few months ago I decided to get into more detail with him about his desires to completely submit to me. Since we have been communicating for years there is a great level of comfort and respect already built...what brought me to your blog is for years I have had the mind set of a sub...I know there are switches in this lifestyle so it is not unusual what I am doing but what do I know about making someone completely submit to me. I want to be a good of a dom as I was a sub. I want my sub`s experiences with me to be as fulfilling as I experienced as a sub I m here on the internet looking for answers and this is the first place I ended up. Things are really getting intense and we have our first session next Friday. I want everything to go perfectly and I must really want this as it has me extremely anxious for the day to finally arrive...I can't wait to give it a go! Any advice or thought a from anyone out there?

Would anyone like to offer some advice? 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I find myself dissolving into fantasies of him at the oddest times. Something mundane will happen during my very vanilla life, and all of a sudden I will wonder... If I were with Him right now, what would he do? Would he bind my arms and legs so I could only crawl on my elbows and knees and make me clean up that spill with my needy wanton tongue? Would he make me kneel before Him and confess my every naughty thought before raising my skirt and striping my ass with His cane? Will I have to show Him my appreciation for His much needed discipline by worshiping his long, thick cock with my throat and mouth for hours? (o god i hope so)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


There is just something wonderful about being on your knees in front of a powerful man with his cock deep in your throat. Don't you think?

Actually doing almost anything on your knees is quite divine.

When I finally recognized myself as a submissive woman, I couldn't bring myself to even sit on the furniture. The submission was so powerfully controlling in my body that I could barely stand on my feet and kneeling was my only option.  I miss how intense it was in the beginning of my discovery. I was besotted with submission. That is the best way I can describe it. Besotted. Saturated. Infused. Owned.

I still feel it intensely at times, and being on my knees helps to bring me to that place.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


The more things change...The more they stay the same.

I hate cliches, especially when they are true. I hate actually fitting into a cliche because I'd like to think I'm so unique, but aren't we all?

The further we move away from each other, the stronger the pull. I suppose there is a lesson somewhere in there about the strength of attraction. I have never been without him, although we say we are no longer together. It's a joke, really. We both know how ridiculous it is to think we could ever truly be apart no matter how much we discuss our separation. I know what he is doing. He is giving me my space because he knows I need it. He always gives me what I need when I need it, before I even know I need it.

We orbit around the space of our lives, a couple of rogue planets, colliding abruptly then traversing fast away. Each push and pull directly effecting the other, a force as an uncontrollable and binding as the law of physics. It's the bond that transcends the rules of the day. The sign of one's true Master (as if there was ever any doubt). To him, I am forever bound.