Wednesday, February 2, 2011


There is just something wonderful about being on your knees in front of a powerful man with his cock deep in your throat. Don't you think?

Actually doing almost anything on your knees is quite divine.

When I finally recognized myself as a submissive woman, I couldn't bring myself to even sit on the furniture. The submission was so powerfully controlling in my body that I could barely stand on my feet and kneeling was my only option.  I miss how intense it was in the beginning of my discovery. I was besotted with submission. That is the best way I can describe it. Besotted. Saturated. Infused. Owned.

I still feel it intensely at times, and being on my knees helps to bring me to that place.


Limitless said...

me and my gf decided to formally get into a d/s relationship after dating for a while, but being still in the 20s, we have few areas where we are still unsure about, so i was wondering if i could get a few advices.. thank you

Dragonfly said...

I would be more than happy to offer you anything you need, Limitless... Would you be comfortable telling me more about your situation? Many of the readers here have offered wonderful advice to others, and I'm sure you will be no exception.

Limitless said...

Thank you in advance.
Basically we have been dating for multiple years now and I always have been the more dominant member of the relationship due to myself being 3 years older by age. She becomes easily jealous so she had few times when she didn't trust and etc, but now things are a lot more stable.
(planning on getting engaged soon)

I have done some reading and researching on D/s, we thought it would be a goodlife style for our relationship as she was already used to being a bit submissive. She is hardheaded in certain ways and has the tendency to lash out time to time. She was being a bit shy about the new lifestyle so I am doing most of the research and we have just talked about power exchange last night. we're still getting used to it, but she agreed on getting a collar for herself as a sign of submission.

Currently her and I are away from each other for few months due to my profession, but she will be visiting for few days in a month or two. Being a first time at D/s, I wasn't sure how to approach it in long distance. She has no problems being complete submissive in sexual ways, but we just don't know where to start in terms of training or D/s outside of sexual barrier. I usually try to consult her regarding decisions that we come to in life, but I'm just wondering what the best wayy would be for beginning to transition into D/s relationship.

I do care for her a lot, so that's why I often ask her opinions on decisions and etc, but even if she doesn't like the decision a bit, she often reponds with an ok still (with a sour expression sometimes).

We're not at a point where I dictate what she wears all the time or anything but i do have control over it whenver I feel necessary though.

I hope this helped.
We're still young so we don't know much about the training process and etc. She does have shy sides and is resident in few ways at the beginning of big changes (fear mostly) so we are looking for ways to gradually train over from our current semi-dom life into more D/s.


Limitless said...

Also, she understands the consequences and punishments will follow along with disobedience, but it's not too effective at the moment due to the least she understands the concept though

-blessed holy socks, the non-perishable-zealot said...

I wanna give you everything and more in Heaven and, to do that, we must wait, Miss Gorgeous. God hears the longings of thy heart; God rewards those who're faithfull --- PS The blog I have above is how I wanna serve you in the Eternal Great Beyond. God bless you.