Sunday, March 14, 2010

The next step...

You have gently led her to this place. You have had many heartfelt discussions about the direction you would like to explore within your relationship. You have reassured her, answered all her questions, weathered her doubts and fears, and have have emerged together to take the next step. You have determined the methods with which you feel most comfortable employing, and have thoroughly examined your own feelings and motivation, and set a course for your journey together.

She is ready, fully trusting you to lead her on this path that will deepen and enrich your love for each other, and perhaps open doors within herself.You know that her gift of submission to you is truly precious and you vow to honor it with all your heart.

You extend your hand, she takes it, as you lead her to a place you have created for her. A place of beauty and safety, and love. She kneels before you, open to your will. You take a small length of soft jute and ask her to extend her wrists. You fasten them together, winding the rope around each and fastening in together, leaving a length of rope which you will hold. Your words are sparse and deliberate, lending the moment reverence.

You see a moment of panic flutter across her face. She is feeling the strength of the bond and her mind is not sure how to reconcile what her body experiences. You pull the rope close until your mouth is at her ear and you say,

"Do not fear. You are doing well, my love."

You hold her close and breathe with her as her anxiety passes through, her leaving her calm.