Wednesday, December 10, 2008

And for the record...

If I were so lucky to receive this gift from Santa Timberlake, I would be pretty thrilled!!!!!

hee hee

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Yin and Yang

I don't consider myself having fetishes.

I am just me.

I enjoy connecting with others, feeling their power and strength and vulnerability and pleasure. I have explored both my dominant and submissive side, as I feel both exist, and are prominent in turn.

I don't believe anyone is purely anything. To let go of the ego is to evolve and this is done on both sides, dominant and submissive. Offering someone a safe haven so that they can fully let go and trust, and to know that you have been a conduit to their deeper sense of self is an amazing human gift.

I think it's about connection. Deep meaningful connection that transcends the flesh and delves into the darkest corners of the mind and soul. We crave it, and cannot access it alone.

But this connection is fluid, and ever changing, which is hard sometimes to reconcile in a world we have come to create filled with rules and protocols. It doesn't fit, and it causes us to wonder, can it truly exist at all? Is what we have come to believe our chosen reality, our way of life just an illusion?

Life is constantly changing and unpredictable for all of us. The only true safety is the safety we feel in the moment we are in, if we happen to be experiencing it at all. It is always in motion, and will not adhere to rules or protocol or lifestyles we fashion.

It's the Yin and Yang of our lives.


So what is a girl to do?