Monday, September 10, 2012

A question from StraightandLaced...

I am a new sub but my Dominant is married and I can only serve him part-time.  This is challenging as I wish to serve him completely.  I imagine the initial response might be "find a new dominant" but this is not of interest to me at this time.  Can your blog followers share how they overcome the part-time nature of relationship they may share/have shared with their Dominants?

I invite all that wish to share... to share... but first I would like to offer my thoughts...

When one fully embraces service to another it is with their whole heart, which cannot reside within the confines of "part-time" even when those engaged in such a lovely tango cannot be physically together. You serve with your every thought and deed, whether or not you are kneeling before Him. The way you care for yourself and those around you reflect the depth of your commitment to your service and it is ongoing. Find ways to express this lovely side of yourself that will be both pleasing and fulfilling to you both when you are apart, and I assure you, you will never feel far from Him at all....ever.