Saturday, April 30, 2011

A new Domme asks...

I recently received this comment from an "anxious new Domme."

I was a long time submissive and found it very rewarding but as satisfied as I felt and as happy as I was being a good slave...I felt like I needed something more. Several years ago a met an extremely submissive man and for years we have communicated electronically and he has begged me to dominate him. A few months ago I decided to get into more detail with him about his desires to completely submit to me. Since we have been communicating for years there is a great level of comfort and respect already built...what brought me to your blog is for years I have had the mind set of a sub...I know there are switches in this lifestyle so it is not unusual what I am doing but what do I know about making someone completely submit to me. I want to be a good of a dom as I was a sub. I want my sub`s experiences with me to be as fulfilling as I experienced as a sub I m here on the internet looking for answers and this is the first place I ended up. Things are really getting intense and we have our first session next Friday. I want everything to go perfectly and I must really want this as it has me extremely anxious for the day to finally arrive...I can't wait to give it a go! Any advice or thought a from anyone out there?

Would anyone like to offer some advice? 

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