Saturday, October 3, 2009

hey v'nilla

You wonder why it's anti-climatic?

You still fuck with your cock, that's why.

You say the same thing to me
that you said to me decades

same cock.
same fuck.

nothing has changed.
nothing has evolved.

YOU have not
evolved, or at least
your cock has not.

Your erection should reach far beyond your fleshy cock
and into your mind finding your deepest darkest desires
and setting them free.

Let it.

Your mind is the biggest
juiciest cock of all and you are not
fucking me with it.

Instead of giving me
the wrath of your beastly brain,
you are teasing me
with you boyish bravado,
which will always be.


and fall short.

I need a man.

Stop fucking
me with your cock,

and start fucking me
with your brain.

and then I will cum... and cum hard.


Anonymous said...

YES! Wow.
So well put. So well written. I love it. This say it all...exactly what I have felt, exactly what I need to say.

This really speaks to me. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The power of great poetry! I haven't found such potent words to get to the heart of my darkness:
This is exactly how I've felt toward my doting, sweet, underspoken boyfriend of 8 years. Give me the real you, I've said--I know you love and admire me, but don't you resent me a little too? I love that you love my strength, and I could truly love you if you could show me yours...Try taking what you want! Instead of ingratiating yourself to me with childlike glances and expecting me to lay myself before you unbidden as a tray of your favorite treats--and you never tell me what your favorites are...