Thursday, August 6, 2009

Picture This....

Sitting next to him in your bedroom, nestled in the warm crook of his arm, your cheeks are still a bit damp from the happy tears shed moments ago. You soak up this moment reveling in its relief and smile at the courage it took you to not only admit to yourself your desire to be spanked, but to take the steps necessary to bring this into your reality. You had read the first book, "How to Get the Spanking You Want", and followed Viv's advice, working through your issues and fears before finally telling him, Honey, I need to be spanked. You remember the puzzled look on his face at first, and love him all the more for listening to and reading along with you, truly making an effort to understand what you needed. You feel incredibly blessed to have such a loving man in your life.

As he holds his beautiful girl, he feels proud of you for being honest and completely opening up to him. He loves you with all his heart and realizes he has never felt closer to you than he does at this very moment. He is moved by the look of peace on your face and loves and that he had some part in that peace existing. He vows in his mind to do the best he can to give you what you need.

He sighs, and thinks, "Ok, now what?"

Well, now you print out Viv's companion book, "How to Give a Spanking: Advice from the Receiving End," and continue the journey together!

"If your partner has shared with you a desire to be spanked, congratulations. Whether you realize it yet or not, you have just been given a great gift. Several, in fact."

Once again Viv presents an amazing step by step guide written for the couple looking to explore the wonderful world of consensual spanking.

"The love, trust and intimacy that can develop between a couple when spankings are part of the relationship is often deeper, richer, and more lasting than almost any other type of bond between two people."

Viv explains to the spanker the psychology behind their partner's needs as well as the untapped potential waiting for them that consensual spanking can bring about. Her engaging words ease the reader into fully understanding how to deliver what their partner has asked of them and addresses many of issues that may arise.

"If you can learn to give your partner the spankings she wants, you will be among a small, elite, and deeply appreciated group of men who have a skill and an understanding into the female heart that few possess."

I think Viv's books are an excellent resource, and I wish I could have read them years ago, when I was just beginning to come to terms with my own needs and desires. Viv explains the dynamic between a consensual spanking couple by dissecting the components involved so one can truly understand and overcome any doubt or fear. She helps the reader understand why they feel they way they do rather than just saying that it's just the way one is 'wired' as much of the literature out there does. Her words are incredibly validating and her perspective and advice is something with which I can relate.

Look for an excerpt here tomorrow!

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